About the Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity

Based in Blyth, Ontario, Canada, we believe in the power of collaboration, the need to maintain curiosity, and giving room to creatively explore. We are a multi-disciplinary arts and innovation hub, a place where the community impacts on projects and programming, a place where innovative creators arrive from near and far. Set in the rolling hills of North Huron Township we are surrounded by farmland. Those who travel here will put their hands into the earth – they will connect with the land, they will connect with the local community

A recent study declared Huron County the third oldest population in Canada. The departure of many businesses in the manufacturing sector coupled with few other viable employment opportunities has contributed to a youth exodus. With an aging population and youth migration, the challenges facing these communities requires an immediate, combined and concerted effort to stem the tide.

We believe revitalization will come from the cultural sector.

Blyth Arts & Cultural Initiative 14/19 Inc. (Blyth 14/19) was formed in 2013 to develop the Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity (CCRC). The primary goal of our work is to mobilize local, regional and national support to create a cultural hub in the Village of Blyth that drives social and economic renewal through the arts and cultural industries. By reigniting the enthusiasm and the passion, an environment for meaningful work will exist where a young man or woman can look out and see their future.

Building on the 40+ year history of the Blyth Festival, the CCRC will not only compliment that vital arts organization, it will make Blyth a year-round cultural hub to attract, retain, and assist in reimagining what rural communities can be in the 21st century. The CCRC will identify issues common to rural communities and bring innovators together to share creative solutions and create action plans. Artists, entrepreneurs and students from the local community, across the province and Canada will be drawn to the CCRC to develop their skills and create their art.

By positioning Blyth as a hub for cultural and rural community development we will challenge the definitions of rural and how it impacts creativity. By offering programs and experiences that build skills and creative partnerships, we will also leverage opportunities for social entrepreneurship.