11 Jun

FACTS update June 10, 2016

Fashion Arts & Creative Textile Studio (FACTS)

This spring we planted our first natural dye garden in the Blyth Community Garden. Marigolds, coreopsis and hollyhocks will be harvested this summer while the woad and madder will take a few years to mature to the point that it can be harvested for dye. With the helpful advice of Roland Ricketts, a renowned American indigo farmer and artist, we are more confident that we can grow Japanese Indigo and we are hoping to have our first crop of indigo next summer! We are running a natural dye course this summer that will use not only plants and flowers from the garden but kitchen waste and  foraged foliage. Using locally sourced dye stuff we can determine the beautiful natural dye palette of Blyth. The course runs July 13th to 15th and is perfect for anyone working with natural yarns or yardage in their work including quilters, rug hookers, weavers and knitters. 

FACTS is a strong supporter of the fibreshed movement and is working with Upper Canada Fibreshed to support and connect local farmers, producers, processors  and artists to create local and sustainable markets.  Like the local and slow food movement, the goal of the  fibreshed movement is to keep the entire life cycle of a garment or object within the community. We are currently part of a flax growing project initiated by Upper Canada Fibreshed to reintroduce small scale flax production to Ontario. 

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