13 Oct


THIS RURAL LIFE – throughout the R2R conference a series of panel discussions will take place. This is an opportunity to listen in/interact with some engaged folks working in rural community – people who are part of the fabric of rural life.

Tune in between noon and 1pm EST – November 17-28. TOPICS INCLUDE- Arts and Culture, Rural Connectivity, Rural Spirituality, Rural Entrepreneurs, Local Government, Rural Tourism, Agriculture, Media

There is an inscription that is etched into metal that reads: The river I step in is not the river I stand in. It is attributed to the Greek philosopher Heracleitus – meaning change is constant in life and experiences. The changes we’ve experienced in our world since the pandemic roared into our lives have been constant. This Rural Life noon hour talks will bring forth ideas on how people have adapted and are adapting in this unique time.

Stay tuned for more information on the virtual Rural Talks to Rural 2020 gathering November 16-28.