About Us

An independent research centre and an environment for rural experiment…

Founded in 2014, the CCRC has evolved to create a workplace for innovative thought, establish an incubator to explore challenges and opportunities in rural community that leads to action for social and economic change.

By asking challenging questions, establishing unique fellowships, and bringing together creative thinkers, we explore solutions to complex questions on and about the future of rural.

By building a strong rural voice the CCRC offers creative solutions while contributing to a sustainable world in the 21st century.

MISSION: We support and work with democratic organizations and build alliances – joining with others to create broad movements for social, economic, creative and restorative environmental change.

VISION: We believe in collective leadership and diverse ways of knowing. Through the power of art, local knowledge and knowing of people, we acknowledge the value of sharing ideas. Justice, equality, and support of the efforts of others to shape their own destiny, are core to our vision. Through education, participatory research, the arts, intergenerational organizing, we work to create space where people can gain knowledge, hope and courage – where we all can expand our ideas of what is possible and support one another in making positive and sustainable change.

Randy Jones artwork/cartoons has been published across the world in most major newspapers and magazines – including the Wall Street Journal, Wall Street Europe, New York Times, New York Newsday, Time , Newsweek, Barron’s Magazine, Cambridge University Press, The Inner Circle Program, The National Lampoon, Playboy, Alta Loma, and Heavy Metal. Randy has illustrated and published books for The University of Toronto Press, The Imprint Society, Houghton Mifflin, Random House Press, St. Martin’s, Griffin, W.W Norton & Co.Ltd. and has self published books through Nowwhat Publishing.