Grand River Community Play Project


The Grand River Community Play Project is an interdisciplinary piece that will connect the communities and inhabitants that live along the length of the Grand River – a river that starts in the highlands of Dufferin County, travels 310 km, before emptying into Lake Erie at Port Maitland. About a million people live within the watershed, a watershed that passes cities, towns and villages, trees, wild grasses and coyotes, and includes thirty-nine municipalities and two First Nations territories. This is an inclusive creative activity involving artists, municipal and Indigenous leaders, scientists, Elders, Community folk, children, NFP organizations, educational institutions – and most importantly the Grand River. This is a project about storytelling – in all the ways stories can be told – in spoken word, in song, in dance, ceremony, in art installation, in silence, through different cultural lenses, and via technology. It is being imagined as an environmental experience – something that will develop and build over time, leading toward a unique presentation in all four seasons, and over many years, passing the experience along to next generations for them to reimagine, for them to inhabit with their own stories.

A big welcome to summer students Shreeansha Bhattarai and Meagan Downes!

Shree joins us as our Marketing Assistant this summer. We look forward to having Shree share online what’s been happening at the CCRC – what’s in the works and to highlight some of the incredible content and people from past conferences. Shree shares with us:

“I am a third-year student at UofT. I am excited to be part of this team as I really resonate with CCRC’s objective in giving voices to great minds. A small fun fact about me is that I am the color pink.”

Meagan joins us as our Creative Assistant to support the development of the Grand River Community Play Project. Meagan will work alongside Pete Smith in bringing together the people, stories, and spirit of the Grand River which will culminate into a community play in August 2024. Meagan shares:

“I am a theatre studies major at the University of Guelph in my final semester of studies. I have a passion for writing, theatre, and trees! I am so excited to be joining this project and can’t wait to see what this summer brings.”

R2R24 Rural Talks to Rural
planning is underway!

The CCRC is organizing a strategic planning session this fall (October 2023) to review past conference feedback and plan for Rural Talks to Rural 2024 (R2R24). We invite sponsors, partners, supporters and others to join us in this one-day planning session.

The Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity (CCRC) would like to thank all delegates, speakers, presenters, sponsors, and food vendors for their participation, and dialogue as we explored the theme: Rural Today, Rural Tomorrow! We explored where we are now and where we could be going in the areas of Wellbeing, Housing, Climate and Community at the Four Winds Barn in Brussels, Ontario from October 17-20th, 2022.

A look back at R2R over the years, leading up to R2R22.

In all matters it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.

Bertand Russell

The CCRC strives to advance the needs and promote the interests of rural or remotely located communities: by facilitating research, disseminating information to the public, and, providing educational and networking opportunities to the public, and by engaging in public policy dialogue and development activities.

We strive to establish an inclusive gathering place, a place for creativity and meaningful participation

Missed the launch of RADICAL? Listen to the first episode HERE so you’re ready to join us for episode two coming in November!

In August 2022, the CCRC hosted its first information session about the Social Innovation Hub (SIH) we are building as one of the three pillars for the organization. It is a vital step in our reset – something that began at the Rural Talks to Rural conference in November of 2020. SIH is a connector for relationships, networks and capacity development for rural changemakers through learning, sharing and co-creating.

These actions support rural well-being and foster vibrant rural communities and inspire radical change. At its core the Hub is a place for collaboration, creativity, action and transformation. A first public presentation of the proposal took place virtually and is available online now! Check it out.

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