21 May

Blue Heron in Flight – Conference Photo

We are delighted to showcase R2R24’s conference photo, “Blue Heron in Flight” by artist Kelly Rebar. In some cultures, a blue heron symbolizes being present, at peace, and in balance. In others, it represents patience, wisdom, good judgment, self-reflection, determination, and the ability to progress and evolve.

Please meet the artist and the story behind “Blue Heron in Flight.”

Kelly Rebar was born and raised on the prairies, and after a series of moves, made her home in the mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia. She has written plays, screenplays, and shares her photos daily on X https://twitter.com/kellyjeanrebar. Visit her fine art photo website: kelly-j-rebar.pixpa.com.

Artist: Kelly Rebar

“Taken from a canoe while paddling on Kootenay Lake on a summer evening a few years ago. I noticed a great blue heron and an osprey in a fight for a fishing spot. Their flight antics were dramatic to observe as they chased each other back and forth across the west arm of the lake. Finally, the osprey gave up and flew off. The image of the heron was captured after the struggle – as it flew one last time to the other side of the lake, and disappeared into the night. The light and soft shades of blue of the image are dreamlike, I know, but the quality of light that makes it so is due to a nearby forest fire that was burning out of control; the shades are softened due to heavy smoke hanging in the air. It impacted both those birds, as well as me, and every other living thing in the area.”