30 Jun

Community Quilt Project & Story Circle Workshop

On July 12 between 4-8pm we held a workshop for the Grand River Project: the Voice of a River at the Old Post Office in Cambridge. The location was perfect and houses the amazing Idea Exchange. The windows are floor to ceiling and offer a spectacular view of the Grand River as she makes her way along. A huge thank you to the Idea Exchange led by Pam Berry along with her incredible team who shared and cared and offered and laughed as the workshop went on. It was very much appreciated and the beginning of a collaboration of things to come. The gathering saw high school students alongside elders, folks from different cultures. Stories got told, poems were recited, art was built, quilts were discussed, images were shown, and music was played. The ease of the event was about love of place, a desire to be together to share stories, and to work toward being a better community member, not only with each other, but to one of our most vital relations, the Grand River. Lots of things are coming up – stay tuned, drop us a note, or jump aboard if you can. This is an all inclusive happening and it’d be great to have your energy as a part of the Voice of a River.