Rural Talks To Rural Conference 2022

The Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity (CCRC) is pleased to present this year’s R2R in-person conference (with virtual options) with the theme: Rural Today/Rural Tomorrow! We will be exploring where we are now and where we could be going in the areas of Wellbeing, Housing, Climate and Community. It all happens over three and half days in the Four Winds Barn in Brussels, Ontario, from October 17th – 20th

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R2R22 brings people together from across the County, the Country and beyond our borders.


“The future is only ever realized in the moment.” – Mary Doyle, Workshop Leader at R2R22

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R2R22 Conference Themes

Day 1 Wellbeing

R2R is partnering with Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health, our Wellbeing

day is dedicated to exploring the future of mental health and wellbeing in our

rural communities. Gateway creates a path to prioritize the future of wellbeing as it

continues to evolve. Gateway is a unique rural health care system that

emphasizes research, education and communication to improve the quality of

life for rural residents.

Day 2 Housing

We are partnering with the Rural Ontario Institute, Huron County

and the County of Lennox & Addington. We need to acknowledge the ground

shifting from under our feet, and that more action needs to be done

around the issues of affordable and accessible rural housing. Our

Housing day aims to identify where we are at now with rural housing,

showcasing action-based models that have contributed to positive

change in communities, and exploring different models together

through workshops that help gain tangible skills and tools to bring back to

home communities.

Day 3 Climate & Community

We are partnering with Emergency Management BC! Day 3 embodies disaster

relief/recovery, the role of agriculture when it comes to climate change and

sustainability, relationship to the land, Indigenous practices, and includes

solutions in the short and long term to deal with our changing weather on the

planet as we best understand sustainability for our rural communities. The

Climate & Community day provides the space and structure for attendees to

develop ideas through exploratory conversation, while also collecting tangible

tools that impact rural communities’ resilience against climate realities.

Day 4 Economic and Creative Hubs

Day 4 is a half day, as it is the final day of the conference. This day

will explore the thoughts brought up over the three days in relation

to the future, and challenge attendees to think beyond the walls of

conference to bring the knowledge accumulated and tools learned to

their own rural communities.