31 May

Where it all began…back in Blyth

Where it all began.

Back in 2014, the CCRC helped raise $5 million for the revitalization/renovation of the Blyth Memorial Community Hall, Art Gallery, Kitchen and Lower Hall. Two years later, the first Rural Talks to Rural (R2R) conference happened under a big white tent on the Blyth Fairgrounds. R2R becomes a biennial conference and is hosted in Blyth and Brussels. This year we are back in Blyth and the Memorial Community Hall. This special place offers a main stage theatre, art gallery, and lower hall. Much of the conference will take place in these spaces and for many, it is also a form of ‘coming back home’. For those new to Blyth and the hall, you’re in for a treat. It’s a beautiful space and place that reflects the incredible community and the arts.

Early bird pricing is available until June 30th. Scan the QR code to access or click here.